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How To Keep Birds Away From House (Everything You Need To Know!)

Birds may be kept as pets in cages with monitored movement. Roaming birds, however, become a nuisance due to their unpleasant noise, bird droppings, and diseases spread through birds. 

So, how do you keep birds away from the house? Use objects that will scare the birds away, such as;

  • Shiny things in the compound
  • Repellants with a foul odor
  • Window meshes and screens
  • Scarecrows

You can also practice the following tricks;

  • Blocking light at night in the house
  • Avoid leaving food in the open
  • Cover the opening with meshes
  • Keep doors and windows closed.

This article explains why birds perch in your homestead and how to keep them away without terminating their life with deadly methods.


What Causes Birds To Roam Around And Enter Your House?

Causes Birds To Roam Around And Enter Your House

Before keeping birds away from your house, examine why they may perch and roam about your homestead.

To Find Food

Birds, like any other animal, depend on food for survival. You may notice birds such as eagles, house sparrows, and European starlings roaming around your homestead, especially when food residuals are in the bins. Food may include tiny chicks and pets for the eagles.

To Find Shelter

Shelter for birds is essential, especially during the cold seasons. Birds find places in your homestead to perch and build their nests. You may notice bird’s nests at high places near security lights for sufficient warmth.

Small birds prefer to perch and build nests in your house eaves. If your homestead has a tree that birds like, they will make their nests there in large numbers. Check your home for any perching and nesting places that can be the host for birds.

For Security

Small birds, such as pigeons, prefer to stay around humans as they face an immense threat from their larger species, such as eagles. In search of a secure place to build their nests, they may settle on your roof or in a small opening on the balcony.

Effect Of Indoor Lights At Night

If you leave your lights on at night, you attract migrating birds to think it’s daytime. Keeping the lights turned off at night reduces cases of birds entering your house, as they mostly get misguided by the light from your home.

Presence Of Perching Points

The birds may not necessarily be looking for shelter but find their favorite perching points around your home. Your homestead environment may attract birds to perch and build nests around your home. 

Search For A Nesting Place

Birds need a secure and warm place for nesting and bringing up their little ones. They tend to get quiet and safe points around your homestead for an easy food supply and enough security. Birds often nest in the chimneys due to their warmth and security.

How To Keep Birds Away From House? (Everything You Need To Know!)

Keep Birds Away From House

Due to their noisy chirping sounds and droppings, birds must be kept away from houses. The methods used must be humane and legal to safeguard the lives of the birds and the eggs or young ones.

Below are the best ways to keep birds from your house.

Hanging Shiny Objects Around Your Compound

Use the old CDs at your disposal to scare away the birds. Tie them in series and hang them in areas where the birds like to perch. The reflection from these shiny objects will scare away the birds.

You can also employ aluminum foils, wind chimes, and shiny beads. The wind chimes work best as they produce sounds of knocking to scare away birds. Hang these shiny objects where the wind can swirl them.

Use Repellants And Bad Odor

Use Repellants And Bad Odor

Birds are sensitive to smell and can be kept away by having a harmless but foul-smelling solution around the house.

How do you prepare a repelling foul-smelling solution?

Step 1: Mix equal amounts of peppermint and lemon oil in a container.

Step 2: Add an equal amount of vinegar and stir to mix.

Step 3: Add water in small amounts as you stir to achieve a robust solution. Avoid overdiluting.

Step 4: Put the solution in small containers and place them at sites where birds love to perch.

Install Window Meshes Or Screen

Install Window Meshes Or Screen

If left open, birds can enter the house through windows and small entrances. If you want to open the windows during the day without leaving space for birds to join, use window meshes or screens to block birds and other small flying pets.

Window meshes are found in different spaces, allowing air circulation but inhibiting the birds. For the screens, they create a total barricade for any bird.

Use Of Scare Crows And Dead Crows

Use Of Scare Crows And Dead Crows

Birds are required just to be frightened or scared away. Using fake scarecrows positioned at points birds like perching will help keep birds off the house.

Using dead crows on the ground and rooftops will signal danger to other birds and scare them away. Keep rotating these crows to ensure the birds don’t get used to them.

Turn Off Or Block Lights At Night

Turn Off Or Block Lights At Night

Since some birds love migrating at night, leaving the lights in your house turned on may attract birds that enter through any opening. The light misguides the birds, making them think it is daytime and, therefore, seek the light.

Use light-blocking curtains to block the birds’ view or use dimmed lights at night. If not in use, have the lights completely off at night.

Avoid Leaving Food Residuals Out In The Open

Avoid Leaving Food Residuals Out In The Open

Birds are usually in search of food. Leaving food out in the open will attract birds to come and feed. Cover any leftovers and hide them from the birds’ view.

For those with open bins for food leftovers, consider sealing the top to keep away the birds. Close the windows and doors to keep food safe in the kitchen.

Install Chimney Cap Tops

Install Chimney Cap Tops

Birds tend to perch on tall parts of your building to view any incoming danger better. The chimney in most houses is elongated and is thus preferred by birds. The warmth and security in ducts make them a more secure nesting place.

You can put up cover tops that allow smoke to pass through but barricade birds from entering.


Below are frequently asked questions to help better understand how to deal with birds in your compound.

Where Do Birds Get Through Into My House Even When Locked?

Birds are small, tiny animals that can get through the openings left in your home. Such openings include the chimney, ventilators, and open rooftops. Keep these openings covered with meshes and screens.

Are Electronic And Ultrasonic Bird Repellers Reliable to Scare Birds?

The electronic and ultrasonic bird repeller methods are considered less reliable as their use lasts for a short period. Birds get used to the sound and no longer get scared away.
The sound from these repellers also becomes a nuisance more than even the noise made by birds.

So Many Birds Roaming Around My Home, What Would Be The Cause?

Having so many birds around your house indicates that elements attract the birds. These elements include food or some secure place to perch.
Sometimes, the birds may be in migration and choose to hover around before resuming their flight.


Birds are beautiful and charming to keep when under control to reduce the noise and mess from their poop. On the other hand, birds may perch in your house, which becomes a problem due to their noise and droppings.

To safely keep these birds off your house, try any of the above-listed methods depending on the number of birds in your compound. Avoid practices that will encourage the birds to keep coming back.

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