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What Is Pet Insurance for Birds: Do I Even Need One? 

You are probably not too confident about having pet insurance for birds, your tiny friends. But seriously! Birds, like any other pets, may face health issues that need medical attention.

You can’t just overlook them. If you can’t ensure good health for your feathered friends, don’t get one at all! They feel negligence too. 

To save your birdies and your pocket, it’s worth considering pet insurance for them. If you haven’t yet, read our article through to learn what pet insurance for birds is and why you need it.

Pet Insurance for Birds

What Is Pet Insurance for Birds? 

No matter how serious and well-concerned you are about your feathered friends, every bird small parakeets or lovely macaws is vulnerable to sickness. A heat stroke, avian influenza, infection anything can show up! 

Just like dogs and cats, you may need more help for your birds. Vet bills can catch up quickly and pet insurance can cover up the bills for you. 

What does pet insurance cover for birds? Let’s find out! 

Pet Insurance for Birds Will Cover:  

Pet Insurance for Birds Will Cover

Bird insurance policies vary based on different insurance providers and the specific policy you choose. Here are some common coverage you can expect with bird insurance. 

1) Accidents or Injuries: Birds can often hurt themselves. They are delicate and soft. Besides, animals like (cats, dogs, and coyotes) wait in the backyard for our small friends. 

Additionally, when you leave your birds to fly around, they might hit the wall or mirrors. It’s not surprising that over 100 million birds hit the windows or glass every year in the United States of America. Glasses are not visible to them, and hence some injuries are inevitable. 

Pet insurance for birds covers the medical expenses related to accidents and injuries. It depends on which insurance policy you have – fractured limbs or wings, beak injuries, and, bleeding cuts are widely covered under the insurance policy.  

2) Bird’s Illness: When it comes to health, a series of sicknesses can follow your buddy. A few days ago, the virus that took over the bird’s community was the avian flu. 

However, you need not worry too much about this flu. It mostly attacks feral birds or flocks of birds. It’s a relief that your pet birds are safe from it. 

Be careful about the parasites. They are some stubborn creatures. Plus, not only from pets to pets. Parasites can transfer from you to your birds too. Needless to say, some owners often forget to change the water or clean the food, which can also transfer germs to the birds. 

You are not free of other threats too. Diseases like polyomavirus, psittacosis, and proventricular dilatation can also follow your birds. They are carried by viruses and bacteria. And if you are not careful, they might lead your birds to death. 

Bird insurance can cover such expenses. It may include treatments for diseases mentioned above, and other medical conditions too. 

3) Surgery: Find it hard to believe? Birds are small delicate creatures but at some point, they may need surgery too. It’s not unusual for birds to have tumors, or they may need to trim beaks or nails.

Additionally, female birds may sometimes experience egg binding. It’s a painful condition where an egg gets stuck in the reproductive tract. 

The conditions mentioned above can be extremely painful for your small friends. Medicine might not be the solution and only surgery can save them. 

However, even though it’s already a risk to involve such small creatures with anesthesia. But there’s no other way around. Surgeries on birds are only performed when it’s the last resort. 

Some insurance policies may cover the cost. The package will also involve antibiotics, medications, and other necessary drugs.

Pet insurance for birds generally covers three major areas, bird injuries, sickness, and surgeries. Some unique policies may also offer, 

Tests: Diagnostic tests such as CBC, X-rays, and other imaging examinations to determine your bird’s health issues.

Chronic Status: Some insurance policies for birds cover regular treatment costs for chronic conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease. 

Preventive Care: Some plans may also offer optional coverage for routine care. That includes vaccination, annual check-ups, grooming, and parasite control.

Lost Bird Ads: Birds fly and they can often go missing with a bit more freedom. If your friends go missing, some policies provide coverage for placing advertisements or hiring a pet detective to help locate your lost pet. 

Almost all the insurance policies offer the same (with slight varieties) insurance coverage. This can be done when you are purchasing your bird. 

Where Can I Get Pet Insurance for Birds? 

Get Pet Insurance for Birds

Not many organizations offer pet insurance for birds. But here is our collective list of a few companies that offer bird insurance policies. 

Nationwide: One of the largest and most well-known pet insurance providers in the United States. They offer avian insurance coverage as an optional add-on to their regular pet insurance plans.

Pet Assure: Another active pet insurance provider in the United States. They work in Puerto Rico and Canada too. With Pet Assure insurance, you can have a 25% discount at veterinary clinics. 

Wells Fargo Health Advantage: They usually offer a credit card to help you purchase medical services for your birds. A closely related service provider to Wells Fargo is CareCredit. 

PetPlan: Another popular pet insurance provider that also offers coverage for birds. They may include coverage for accidents, illnesses, and wellness care.

Pets Best: They have a specific exotic pet plan suitable for bird owners. Pets and including birds, all furry animals lie under their insurance claim.

Last Words 

Congratulations! Now, you have secured the future of your birdies one more step, also saving your pocket. It’s not easy to raise and care for a bird. It’s also not fair to leave them out of negligence and don’t care at all. 

When you bring your feathered friend home, it should be upon you to take care of them and ensure it lasts till the end. Pet insurance for birds can encourage you in this and help you cover the maximum of the costs. 

All you need to do this, contact a legit insurance company for pets and complete rest of the the procedures. Let us know in the comment section what you think of birds’ insurance policy and how important you think they are. 

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