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What Do Birds Symbolize Spiritually? The Secret To Reveal

Let it be literature or urban folktale, everything symbolizes something on a spiritual level. But nothing is more symbolic or symbolizes such a variety of traits than birds.

So what do birds symbolize spiritually? Well, as already mentioned, they symbolize a lot of qualities inspiring to us. From freedom, joy, victory, and happiness to persistence, bravery, and brilliance.

But every culture interprets birds differently, as we shall discuss in the article down below.

Birds Symbolize Spiritually

What Do Birds Symbolize Spiritually? 

In general, birds symbolize three things, they are


Unlike humans, birds are not bound by any territorial limitations. They can travel anywhere, anytime they want. Hence they are widely symbolized spiritually as a symbol of freedom.


But some birds also undergo fearsome migration, on a scale of which no other species even dare to migrate! To honor their great journey and learn from their struggle, they are also a symbol of courage.


Birds also have very challenging parenthood. The way of their upbringing is truly something fascinating! So much so, they also symbolize patience and ideal parenting.

As a matter of fact, almost every bird symbolizes something different and unique. As we shall discuss in great detail shortly.

Symbols Of Different Birds

As already discussed, different birds symbolize different traits. And below are a list of the most acknowledged birds and their symbols in spirituality.



Since ancient times, eagles were a sign of majesty. Their dominance and excellence in the art of hunting made them a symbol for the royals. 

To this day, eagles remain a symbol of majesty and royalty.



In Greek Mythology, the goddess Athene symbolized wisdom in human civilization. She was often depicted as an Owl. As she was a symbol of wisdom, ancient greek people thought owls have an inner light that let them see at night.

Hence, in today’s spirituality, owls still symbolize wisdom that the ancient greek people called ‘The Inner Light.’



Since the Middle ages, when sea voyage was the only source of transport across continents, cranes were symbolized as a blessing.

Keeping track of your route can be hard enough on land. It is certainly infinitely time harder to do on an open ocean. And when lost, cranes were the only guide back to land. 

Not only that, but like humans, cranes drink fresh water. So in a land surrounded by salty sea water, cranes were also a guide to a source of fresh water.

Therefore, even today, stranded people often find their way home through a crane. So it must not be a surprise as cranes still today symbolize a blessing.


Flowers symbolize peace. As in ancient human civilization, gardens of flowers were used to decorate villages as a symbol of winning a war and sustaining peace. 

Hummingbirds are generally seen around gardens of flowers, as the nectar is their primary source of food. Thus, like flowers, hummingbirds also form a symbol of peace. 

Also, roses have been a symbol of love since the beginning of human civilization. And roses are very rich in nectars. And so hummingbirds are often seen to be found around gardens of roses.

In that sense, hummingbirds symbolize peace, tranquility, and love.



If you observed a sparrow’s life, you would observe that they are a bird of community. No matter how hard the day had been for them, they would all gather together and sing a heartwarming lullaby at the end of the day. 

As long as we have a home to return to, and a community to share our thoughts and feelings with, any hardship can be overcome. Hence they became a symbol for the community.



Falcon is a bird which very similar to that an eagle. But falcons are considered to be much more agile, and they rely on their agility to hunt. As agile and formidable falcons are, they are often admired by even us, humans! 

So much so that one of the strongest of all Egypt Gods, Horus, is represented in mythology as a falcon. But in modern spirituality, falcons are more focused on their agility. Due to their speed, they have symbolized efficiency. But due to their prowess in the wilds, they can also represent power.



Peacock was always a symbol of beauty. As astounding as they look when they unfold their feathers and dance, there should be no debate or argument about why they symbolize beauty.

During the Mughal Empire, the peacock held such a beauty standard that Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned a peacock throne where he conducted empirical work.



In both literature and mythology, the swan represents purity. An ancient greek God, Apollo, is said to have the soul of a swan. Meaning a pure soul.

Even to this day, a swan in spirituality is considered to be a symbol of purity.


Nightingale is loved and cherished by all due to its melodic singing. A garden once visited by a nightingale will always be considered unfulfilled if the nightingale leaves. 

Due to its melodic, charming, and cherishing singing, the nightingale is often considered to be a symbol of tranquility. 



The story of the bluebird is very interesting. During the middle ages, everyone was terrified of summer and winter. Since back then, advanced fertilizers and agricultural technics were still not invented by mankind. Hence, the main source of food, crops, was prone to such unwelcoming seasons.

And bluebird is mostly seen in abundance around the starting spring. So noticing bluebirds in the neighborhood used to bring joy to the face of mankind. As they used to signal the start of spring and the end of challenging seasons such as winter and summer, people get hope. 



Crows are a symbol of intelligence. They are long accepted as very intelligent creatures. But until very recently, we get scientific proof that they are one of the most intelligent of birds.

Different States Have Different Symbols

Just like North American folktales and Greek mythology are different, so are the symbolism of birds. As we have already discussed, most symbolism is based on the folktales and mythology of the past. Hence, different areas have different symbols for birds.

For example, in greek mythology, crows are a sign of death and the afterlife. At the same time, other parts of the world symbolize crows as a symbol of intelligence.

Eagles are symbolic in Europe as a symbol of royalty. But other parts of the world also see eagles as a symbol of prowess.


We have discussed properly and in great detail what birds symbolize spiritually. And to conclude, birds symbolize a lot of traits. From perseverance, freedom, and joy to courage, bravery, and a lot more qualities.

But believing in symbolism goes soo far. If we do not put the proper effort into a positive impact in life, spiritual symbolism will not suffice.

With that being said, every bird symbols have its own deeper meaning, and we hope you were able to understand them through us. So what’s your favorite bird symbol?

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