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What Do You Do With Your Parakeet When You Go On Vacation? A Parakeet Owner’s Guide

Embarking on a vacation brings excitement, but for parakeet owners, it also raises the essential question  What do you do with your Parakeet when you go on vacation

As devoted caregivers, ensuring the well-being of our feathered friends during our absence is paramount. This guide explores thoughtful and practical solutions to guarantee your Parakeet’s safety, comfort, and happiness while you enjoy your time away. 

From trusted pet sitters to temporary homes and automated feeding solutions, discover the options that cater to your Parakeet’s unique needs, making your vacation stress-free for both you and your cherished companion.

What Do You Do With Your Parakeet When You Go on Vacation

What Do You Do With Your Parakeet When You Go On Vacation? 

As a responsible pet owner, planning for your Parakeet’s well-being during vacations is crucial. Here are the things to consider when deciding what to do with your Parakeet while you’re away.

Secure a Trusted Pet Sitter 

Enlist the services of a reliable pet sitter experienced with birds. Provide detailed care instructions, and make sure your Parakeet is comfortable with the caregiver before your departure.

Boarding Services for Birds 

Consider avian boarding facilities or reputable pet boarding services that cater specifically to birds. Ensure the facility meets all safety standards and provides a secure and enriching environment for your Parakeet.

Set Up a Temporary Home 

If someone trustworthy can’t care for your Parakeet at their location, set up a temporary home in a familiar environment. Provide clear instructions, including feeding schedules and emergency contacts.

Quality Cage Accommodations 

Ensure your Parakeet’s cage is spacious, secure, and well-equipped. Stock up on food, treats, and fresh water. Place the cage away from drafts and direct sunlight to maintain a comfortable environment.

Automated Feeding Solutions 

Invest in automated feeders or dispensers to ensure your Parakeet receives its meals at regular intervals. Test the equipment before your departure and provide sufficient food to last the duration of your vacation.

Leave Contact Information 

Provide your pet sitter, boarding facility, or the designated caregiver with detailed contact information, including your vet’s details. This ensures quick communication in case of emergencies or questions.

Create a Comfortable Environment 

Keep your Parakeet’s surroundings familiar by leaving toys, perches, and favourite items in its cage. Play soft music or leave the radio on to provide comforting background noise during your absence.

How Will My Parakeet Be Affected If You Go On Vacation? 

How Will My Parakeet Be Affected If You Go On Vacation

Embarking on a vacation can be an exciting adventure, but it’s essential to consider the potential impact on your Parakeet. These social and sensitive birds may experience changes in behaviour and well-being when their primary caregiver is away. 

Here are some ways your Parakeet may be affected during your vacation:

Separation Anxiety 

Parakeets are social creatures, and the absence of their primary caregiver can lead to separation anxiety. Changes in routine and human interaction may cause stress, impacting their overall mood and behaviour.

Altered Eating Patterns 

A disruption in routine might affect your Parakeet’s eating habits. Some birds may eat less due to stress, while others might overeat. It’s crucial to monitor their food intake and ensure they maintain a balanced diet.

Vocal Changes 

Parakeets are known for their vocalizations, and changes in their environment can lead to altered vocal patterns. Some birds may become quieter in response to stress, while others might vocalize more frequently.

Behavioural Changes 

Your Parakeet’s behaviour may shift in response to the absence of familiar interactions. Some birds may become more withdrawn, while others might display increased activity or restlessness.

Health Concerns 

Stress during your absence could potentially compromise your Parakeet’s immune system, making them more susceptible to health issues. It’s crucial to provide detailed care instructions to mitigate potential health concerns.

Feather Plucking or Mutilation 

Extreme stress or loneliness might lead to undesirable behaviours such as feather plucking or self-mutilation. These signs indicate emotional distress and should be addressed promptly.

Bonding Challenges 

Prolonged absence may impact the bond between you and your Parakeet. While they can adapt to temporary changes, consistent and positive interactions upon your return are essential to reestablish a strong connection.

How To Hire A Bird Sitter When You Go On Vacation? 

Bird Sitter

Planning for your bird’s care during your vacation is as important as arranging your trip. Hiring a bird sitter ensures your feathered friend receives proper attention and care in your absence. 

Here are the ways to find and hire a trustworthy bird sitter:

Ask for Recommendations 

Begin by seeking recommendations from friends, family, or fellow bird enthusiasts. Personal referrals can provide valuable insights into the reliability and experience of potential bird sitters.

Search Pet Sitting Services 

Explore professional pet-sitting services that specialize in animal care. Websites, local directories, or social media platforms often feature reviews and testimonials to help you assess their reputation.

Vet Recommendations 

Consult your avian veterinarian for recommendations. Veterinary professionals often have insights into reputable bird sitters or may even offer bird-sitting services themselves.

Visit Bird Forums 

Engage with bird-related online forums and communities. Fellow bird owners may share their experiences with local bird sitters, offering valuable information and suggestions.

Interview Potential Sitters 

Conduct interviews with potential bird sitters to gauge their knowledge and comfort with avian care. Discuss your bird’s routine, dietary preferences, and any special needs to ensure a good match.

Check References and Credentials 

Request references from previous clients and verify the credentials of potential bird sitters. A reliable and experienced sitter will have a track record of satisfied bird owners.

Trial Visit and Interaction 

Arrange a trial visit where the bird sitter can interact with your bird under your supervision. Observe how they handle and engage with your bird to ensure a positive and comfortable dynamic.

By following these steps, you can hire a bird sitter who not only meets your bird’s specific needs but also provides you with peace of mind during your vacation. 

Establish clear communication channels and detailed care instructions to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for both your bird and the sitter.


Can my Parakeet stay with a friend or family member?

Yes, if the friend or family member is familiar with parakeet care. Provide clear instructions on feeding, social interaction, and any specific preferences your Parakeet has.

Are there professional boarding services for parakeets?

Yes, many avian boarding facilities cater specifically to birds, including parakeets. Research reputable services, ensuring they offer a secure and enriching environment.

What should I consider when hiring a pet sitter for my Parakeet?

Look for a pet sitter with avian experience, interview them, and provide detailed care instructions. A reliable pet sitter will ensure your Parakeet’s well-being in your absence.

Can my Parakeet stay in its cage during my vacation?

Yes, provided the cage is spacious, well-equipped, and placed in a familiar environment. Ensure sufficient food, water, and familiar items are within the cage for comfort.

How can I minimize stress for my Parakeet during my absence?

Choose a care option that maintains your Parakeet’s routine, surroundings, and social interactions as much as possible. Leave familiar toys, and consider leaving on soft music for comfort.


As you plan your getaway, contemplating what to do with your Parakeet becomes a crucial aspect of ensuring a worry-free vacation.

Whether entrusting a reliable pet sitter, exploring avian boarding services, or setting up a temporary home, the goal is to provide a secure and enriching environment for your feathered friend. 

By implementing these thoughtful strategies, you not only safeguard your Parakeet’s well-being but also cultivate a sense of reassurance and peace of mind. 

Your Parakeet, in the hands of capable caregivers or within a familiar temporary space, can thrive in your absence, allowing you to enjoy your vacation with the knowledge that your cherished companion is in good hands.

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