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Why Do Birds Fly Into Windows – Here Is What You Didn’t Know!

Crashing birds into windows is a common occurrence. Birds may have problems with their eyes or get distracted by illusions. Whatever the reason, it sometimes results in fatal injuries.

So why do birds fly into windows? Birds fly into windows because the glass reflects the sky and trees, creating the illusion of a clear flight path.

And when they try to pass through this path, an accident occurs. As a result, birds may sustain fatal injuries or even die. 

However, not all types of birds fly into the window. Small birds like sparrows, finches, and warblers are more prone to hit windows. Keep reading this post to get more insight into this topic. 


Why Do Birds Fly Into Windows?

A bird flying into the window is entirely unintentional. We can detect the glass, but birds and other animals find it extremely difficult. 

Birds can see reflections of trees or the sky in the glass during the dawn and evening time. So they attempt to get around it and cause terrible accidents.

Every year, more than a billion birds are killed by glass collisions, with 50 to 70 percent of them suffering severe injuries or passing away.

Birds frequently strike the glass at certain times of day and under certain circumstances. In the early morning, before the sun rises, if you go outside and look in your glass, you can see the clear reflection of other trees, houses, or skies. 

The same thing happens at night if the lights are off inside the house, and it also occurs on foggy days. 

What Happens When A Bird Collides With The Window? 

Numerous things occur to a bird’s body when it crashes into a glass.

  • Internal bleeding or brushing
  • Swelling in the brain
  • Beak broken
  • Wing broken
  • Leg broken
  • Neck injury
  • Eye damage

How Can You Assist A Bird That Has Crashed Into A Window?

Assist A Bird That Has Crashed Into A Window

When a bird flies into a window, it sustains serious injuries; if you act quickly, you may be able to save the bird’s life. Here’s what you can do when a bird hits the window.

When the bird lost consciousness 

Step 1: After the crash, the bird will most likely lose consciousness; if it retains consciousness, it cannot react due to its severe injuries. Your job would be to pick it up from the ground and adequately hold it. 

Step 2: Now place the bird in such a way that the right side of the bird rises. This keeps the body oriented correctly. Now, the upright orientation is required for neurological function, meaning the feet must be up and the body must be down.

Step 3: Bird recovery requires a minimum of one hour. You have two options: either hold the bird like this or create a container to put it in. Place a tissue or soft cloth on the container to protect the injured bird’s back.  

Step 4: call for an emergency. You can reach the FDA’s 24-hour emergency line at 1-866-300-4374 or your local veteran doctor. Don’t call 911 for this.

When the bird is conscious after the crash

Handling an awake bird after a crash is more complex than handling an unconscious one. A conscious bird will panic more than an unconscious one. Even though it was injured heavily, it still tried to escape.

In such conditions, here is what you should do

Step 1: Catch it first and keep it calm if it tries to fly. It will be injured and nervous at the same time, so it’s crucial to cool it down. If it wants to fly anyway, hold it appropriately.

Step 2: When the bird begins to calm down, keep it in a calm, warm, dark area. If it can eat, you can also give it food and water. 

Step 3: Cover the bird with a thin cloth to give the bird a sense of security. Allow it to rest for as long as it desires. When its wings begin to flutter, take it to an open area where it can fly.

If they continue to appear injured, contact a wildlife rehabilitation center.

What Can You Do To Prevent A Bird From Crashing Into A Window?

Prevent A Bird From Crashing Into A Window


You cannot entirely prevent it, but you can take some actions to lessen the likelihood of birds crashing into your windows.

Add mesh or netting to windows

If your home is near a forest or there are many birds nearby, adding mesh or netting to windows is a good idea.

You can purchase this kind of netting at the superstore closest to you. It is straightforward to install this mesh in any window. This can save birds from hitting your windows.

Hang bird-friendly window coverings/curtains

If you believe that netting or mesh will ruin the aesthetic appeal of your window, a coordinating curtain will also work. The reflection that forms the glass won’t be as strong when you pull back the curtain. This means that the bird won’t become confused so quickly.

Put stickers or decals on

Stickers are suitable substitutes if you don’t want to hang curtains or nets. These decals/stickers are straightforward to apply and remove. They will make the glass visible or properly expose it to the birds.

Keep bird baths and feeders away from windows

Another crucial action is to keep the birdbath and bird feeders away from windows. When birds are nearby, they will quickly become confused by the window. When they are absent, the possibility of crashing into the window will decrease.


You can read these frequently asked questions regarding this issue. 

Why are some birds more prone to flying into windows than others?

Because they are attracted to the reflections of the sky or vegetation, some bird species, like pigeons and house sparrows, are more likely to fly into windows. Other species are attracted by the light coming through the windows. Songbirds belong to the second group.

Is it true that every bird crashes in Windows?

No, not every bird hits a window. However, bird-window collisions are a common issue, particularly for bird species drawn to window reflections or lights. Some birds, such as owls, aren’t particularly attracted to light that much.

Do pet birds crash into windows?

Yes, pet birds can collide with windows, just like wild birds. Pet birds kept in homes or other buildings may be attracted to the reflections or lights in windows and fly into them accidentally.

Final Words

We hope the answer to your query “Why do birds fly into windows?” was satisfactory. Birds may fly into windows for various reasons, such as attraction to lights or reflections, migration-related disorientation, and a lack of awareness of the presence of glass. 

Birds can be hurt or killed when they hit windows, which is a common problem. Therefore, it’s crucial to make windows visible to birds to prevent bird collisions.

By following these easy steps, we can reduce the number of bird-window collisions and make our windows safer for birds.

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