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Why Do Birds Move Like Robots? Here Are The Reasons 

Every time you see birds flying in the sky or anywhere outside, you notice that they move their heads very much. Sometimes, their characteristics or movements make you feel like they are robots. 

So why do birds move like robots? Birds don’t use their eyes to look at something. They have less eye depth, and they constantly try to see objects by moving their neck. Additionally, birds twitch when they get a seizure or when they are hungry and upset.

Today, I will discuss why birds move like robots, how birds make jerk movements, why birds cannot switch gaze with their eyes, and many more about it in detail. Read below to find out more!


Why Do Birds Move Like Robots?

Birds have multiple reasons to move their head like robots. Have a look below to learn why birds move like robots –

Birds have to look around

Birds have predators. So they need to stay very alert to save themselves from predators. Also, birds can’t look around everywhere with their eyes because their eyes are not so round. They can only track the objects within a certain limit. 

So they move their heads constantly and look around. That’s why the movements of the head appear to be robotic.

Birds don’t have depth version

Birds’ eyes are located in their head. Basically, their eyes in two sides of the head, not in the front like us. So, while it is easy for us to gain a depth vision of objects, birds can’t get that depth vision. They can’t use both their eyes together to focus on one object. So what do they do?

Well, they keep doing head throws, moving their necks to have a depth look at the object.

Birds switch between views

Birds switch between frontal and lateral views. So what is a frontal and lateral view of a bird? Well, the lateral view is a side view of a bird where they move its head laterally to watch far objects. 

On the other hand, they use their frontal view for the objects that are close to them, which are below 30 cm. 

So, when they switch their lateral and frontal views, they move their heads and twitch them. So it appears robotic to us. 

Birds twitch if they are upset 

Birds often twitch because they are upset. They try to clear the tension by expressing it through twitching. So when you see a bird moving like a robot, it could be that they are twitching because they are upset.

Birds twitch to get rid of old feathers

The birds can twitch or jerk when they want to get rid of old feathers. If you notice the birds moving like robots, it could be that they are shaling the old feathers.

Birds twitch when getting seizure

Birds can sometimes jerk if they are getting a seizure. Birds can have several disorders like tumors, infections, and trauma which lead them to have seizures. When you see constant twitching movements, it means that they have seizures.

Birds twitch when they are hungry

The newborn birds can twitch their wings when they are hungry. It is a way of expressing or telling their parents to give food to them. So when you say them twitching, it might be that they are hungry.

How Birds Make Jerk Movements?

Birds can make such jerk movements because they are designed like that. Let’s know through the below points-

Light head

Birds’ heads are lightweight. Else it would not have been possible to twitch their head so easily. A light head bird can easily switch their gazes with its head, which big head birds can’t. To be added, switching gazes by head gets more comfortable for birds due to light heads.

Flexible neck

The neck of the bird is quite flexible. It helps them to move their head fast and help to look around objects. Apart from this, birds always need to be vigilant of predators. So they need to look around everywhere, and their flexible necks come in handy at that time.

High Metabolism

A bird’s high metabolic rate lets the birds move fast. The metabolic rate means the bird’s body burns more calories and uses more energy. As a result, the birds can move more quickly when they want to look around.

Why do Birds Move Their Head Very Often?

Well, birds move their heads very often because the birds need to stay alert and vigilant from predators. 

So they need to look around at the environment. While doing that, they move their head very often. Also, when the birds want to look into any object, they use their head.

Why Can’t Birds Change Their Gazes By Eyes Comfortably?

Birds can’t change their gazes by eyes comfortably because they can only rotate their eyes to a few degrees in the sockets. So, they move their heads and look around to have a better vision of objects. 

If they do not move their head, they won’t be able to see any object out of their eye focus. The focus is really small compared to humans. Hence, they have to move their head if they want to see any object.


To sum up, birds move like robots when they are upset, when they get seizures, to save themselves from predators, to look around objects, to switch views, and to look at objects clearly.

But instead of switching their gazes by eyes, they use their head to look around objects. So they look like robots when twitching. This article made it clear why do birds move like robots, how birds make jerk movements, why birds move their head very often, and much more about it. 

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