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How to Keep Birds Away from Porch?

A porch is a beautiful addition to any home, providing a cozy space to relax and enjoy the outdoors. However, birds can sometimes become unwelcome visitors, leaving behind droppings and causing potential damage.

So, you must learn how to keep birds away from the porch. First, you must remove food sources from the porch that attract the birds. You can arrange visual deterrents, install bird netting, or set up a scare device. Other ways include using bird repellents and bird spikes.

Let’s dive in and provide some helpful tips on keeping birds away from your porch to ensure a clean outdoor space.

How to Keep Birds Away from Porch

Why Birds Come Near A Porch?

The specific reasons birds come near a porch vary depending on the bird species and the environment. More specific reasons can be explored if you have a specific bird species in mind.

Birds may come near a porch for various reasons, including:

Food Source

Porches attract birds because they provide a potential food source. Birds may be attracted to bird feeders, spilled food, or other sources of nourishment near the porch. Additionally, insects or small creatures attracted to the porch can be a food source for birds.

Shelter and Nesting Opportunities

Porches can offer birds shelter and nesting opportunities. They may build nests in the eaves, crevices, or other protected areas of the porch. The structure can provide safety from predators and harsh weather conditions.

Water Source

Water Source

Birds need water for drinking and bathing. Birds may visit to access the water source if there’s a water feature, such as a birdbath or a pond near the porch.

Observing Surroundings

Birds are naturally curious creatures who may perch on a porch to get a better view of their surroundings. This allows them to monitor potential threats or find potential mates.

Artificial Structures

Some birds may be attracted to the materials used to construct porches. For example, certain species of birds may peck at wooden structures or insulation materials for various reasons, such as foraging or nest-building.

How to Keep Birds Away from Your Porch

How to Keep Birds Away from Your Porch

Thankfully, there are many safe ways to prevent birds from coming around your porch. To keep birds away from your porch, you can try the following methods:

Remove Food Sources

Birds are often attracted to porches because of easily accessible food. Make sure you clean up any spilled birdseed or food scraps regularly. If you have bird feeders nearby, consider relocating them further from the porch.

Use Visual Deterrents

You can easily scare away birds with visual stimuli they perceive as threatening. Hang reflective objects near the porch, such as old CDs, aluminum foil strips, or wind chimes. The flashing light and noise may deter them from approaching.

Install Bird Netting

Install Bird Netting

Place bird netting over your porch or attach it to the roof to create a physical barrier. Ensure the netting is tight and secure so birds cannot find their way through.

Set Up Scare Devices

Scare devices include owl or hawk decoys, scarecrows, or motion-activated sprinklers. These items can create the illusion of a predator in the area and discourage birds from approaching.

Use Bird Repellents

Various bird repellents are available in the market, such as sprays or gels, which emit odors or tastes that birds find unpleasant. Apply these repellents according to the instructions provided, focusing on areas where birds tend to land or roost.

Install Bird Spikes or Wires

You can place bird spikes or wires on ledges, railings, or other flat surfaces where birds frequently perch. These physical barriers make it difficult for birds to land comfortably and discourage them from staying on your porch.

Create A Bird-Friendly Alternative

Create A Bird-Friendly Alternative

Consider setting up a bird feeding station or birdbath away from your porch. You can redirect their attention away from your porch by providing birds with an alternative location to feed or drink water.

Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Install motion-activated sprinklers near the porch to startle birds with a sudden burst of water, making them wary of returning.

Note: It’s essential to research and comply with local regulations when implementing bird control measures, as some bird species may be protected by law.

What Bird Species Fly Around A Porch?

What Bird Species Fly Around A Porch

Depending on the region and habitat, several bird species may fly around porches. Some common birds that you might encounter around porches include:


Sparrows are small, social birds often found near human settlements. They may build nests in or around porch areas.


Swallows are known for their agile flight and often nest in eaves or under porch roofs. They feed on flying insects and can be seen swooping around porches for food.


Robins are medium-sized songbirds known for their distinctive orange-red breast. They may visit porches in search of food, particularly earthworms and berries.


Various finch species, such as house finches or goldfinches, may visit porches, especially if there are bird feeders with seeds or plants that produce seeds nearby.


Jays are bold and intelligent birds that may visit porches for food. They are known for their raucous calls and vibrant plumage.


Pigeons are common in urban areas and may perch on porch railings or roofs. They are often considered pests due to their droppings and can be discouraged using bird control methods.

Mourning Doves

Mourning doves are graceful birds with a mournful calls. They may perch on porch railings or utility lines and are often attracted to areas with bird feeders.


Woodpeckers may be seen around porches, especially if trees are nearby. They use their strong beaks to peck at trees or wooden structures for insects or to create nesting cavities.


Depending on the region, hummingbirds may visit porches, especially if flowering plants or hummingbird feeders are nearby. Their fast flight and vibrant colors make them a delight to observe.

Remember that the bird species you encounter around your porch may vary based on your location, habitat, and time of year. It can be helpful to consult a local bird field guide or contact your nearest Audubon Society or birding group for more specific information about the birds in your area.


Are all bird species harmful to porches?

No, not all bird species cause damage or disruption. However, certain birds, like pigeons and starlings, are likelier to leave droppings or build nests on porches.

Will scarecrows work effectively against birds?

Scarecrows can effectively deter birds, especially if they are moved regularly, to prevent them from becoming accustomed to them.

Is it safe to use bird-repellent sprays or gels around the porch?

Bird-repellent sprays or gels are typically safe to use, but following the instructions is essential. Ensure they are applied in well-ventilated areas and kept out of reach of children and pets.

Can I use fake owl or hawk decoys year-round?

To maintain their effectiveness, it’s recommended to move decoys periodically, as birds may become accustomed to their presence. Changing their position occasionally will help prevent habituation.

Will installing bird spikes harm the birds?

Bird spikes are designed to be a deterrent and not cause harm to birds. They provide an uncomfortable landing surface, but they do not cause injury.

Final Words

That was all about how to keep birds away from the porch. While birds can add beauty and charm to our surroundings, they can sometimes become a nuisance around our porches.

By implementing the techniques outlined in this article, such as removing attractants, using scare tactics, and utilizing physical barriers, you can create an environment that discourages birds from frequenting your porch. Remember to choose methods that align with local regulations and consider the well-being of the birds while implementing deterrent strategies.

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