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How To Keep Pigeons Away From Bird Feeders? 4 Bird Friendly Hacks 

How to keep pigeons away from bird feeders?

Pigeons are generally gentle birds. They would mean other birds no harm. However, they can often monopolize the food section. 

Other birds would often be scared of them and wouldn’t feed from the same feeder if you put different birds in the same area.

There’s no exact explanation for this. Some believe it might be the large size the birds take advantage of. Others may associate with different briefs! 

No matter, what the reasons are, it’s a real trouble for other birds and the bird owners. If you are seriously looking for how to keep pigeons away from bird feeders, congratulations, you are at the right place. 

Here, you will have a definitive guide to prevent the monopoly birds from this poor habit. Read till the end of our article, and you will know what to do to get out of this trouble and ensure a fair distribution of food.  

Keep Pigeons Away From Bird Feeders

You Should Know

You will soon discover how to keep pigeons away from bird feeders. To have it steady, you should learn a bit more about their nature. 

  • Scientifically known as Columba livia, pigeons are docile birds. They are available in urban and rural areas anywhere in the world. 
  • The birds are mainly omnivorous, with primary diets of seeds, grains, and fruits. However, the urban pigeons are often scavengers. 
  • Pigeons have comfortably adapted to urban environments. They can easily survive on foods offered by us, such as bread crumbs or leftover fast foods. 
  • They would often crowd out and prevent other birds from the same foods. In a specific area, it can affect the local ecosystem. 
  • Modern pigeons are generally calm and raised in a domestic environment, with no special purpose. The wartime pigeons served remarkably as messengers. 
  • Pigeons exhibit strong homing instincts, Pigeons can find their way home over long distances. It is a strong pigeon homing instinct, that’s been specifically harnessed for pigeon racing. 

Now you know a lot about how pigeons behave and they control the food monopoly. It can often the local birds and manipulate food availability. 

Authorities in some places also take preventive measures to control the pigeon population and reduce this monopoly. 

Pigeon-proof buildings or resorts are really not an uncommon sight these days. Some people also reduce feeding programs to moderate the pigeon availability. 

How To Keep Pigeons Away From Bird Feeders?

Pigeons love the dropped seeds from the bird feeders. They will come back again and again for easy meals.

To prevent them from sabotaging the bird feeders, here is what you have to do, 

1) The Right Feeder & Right Seeds 

The Right Feeder & Right Seeds

Some feeders are actually pigeon resistant. They are specially built and have smaller feeding ports, that are not easily accessible for pigeons or any other large birds. 

Having a feeder that’s not ideal for them will literally discourage them from taking over the feeders. Also, they are birds with a notorious preference for seeds. 

They usually love a seed mix that has, cracked corn, whole wheat, millet, lentils, etc. To discourage them from dominating the feeders, use the seeds that they often deny, such as sunflower seed, safflower seed, Suet cake, or nyjer seed. 

**Note: Sunflower seeds and safflower seeds are more likely to attract songbirds which will even severely deter the pigeons. 

2) What About A Squirrel Baffle? 

What About A Squirrel Baffle

Like pigeons, some people may want to keep the squirrels away. To prevent the furry animals, we use a special squirrel baffle. The baffles are like a slick smooth umbrella that the squirrels can’t climb over. 

This can also work against the pigeons to a large extent. Since the birds fly and squirrels don’t, you will have to insert two baffles. One below and another one above the feeder to keep the birds away. 

They can’t land smoothly and stay for long on the baffle surface with two of the squirrel baffles on top and below. It is a safe solution for small birds, pigeons, squirrels, and you too! 

Additionally, you can also set up weight-sensitive stations. They are specially designed to be used against squirrels and have weight-activated perches.  

When birds like pigeons or animals land on the perch, the feeding ports will close and deny access to the birds. It can be slightly expensive for you. But to help the native birds, why not? 

3) Offer Them Food Separately 

Offer Them Food Separately

Make a different feeding station for the pigeons. If the birds are too dominating, an ideal solution can be to divert the birds somewhere else. 

This way, you can keep all the birds happy. The smaller birds would have scope to feed from their feeders. Meanwhile, pigeons will also love the treat you offer them differently. 

However, it may not be so easy to implement it at first. It is advised to keep the feeding stations as far as possible. You should set up the food stations on the ground for pigeons. They love to feed at zero ground level.

Fill the station with their favorite meal such as bread, cracked corn, oatmeal, wheat, etc. Something they can’t deny! It will surely be effective for all of them.  

4) Make A Few Changes 

Pigeons can’t resist the drop-away seeds and food crumbs such as bread, oats, or cookies. You must regularly clean the feeding station if you want to discourage the large birds. 

We know how challenging it can be to regularly clean off the area. But you can make a schedule to keep the area clean and get it under routine. 

Two times a day would be perfect. However, if that’s not possible for you, you should clean at least a day, in the morning before starting your day. 

Also, you can use safe nets or mesh around the bird feeder. Make sure to use the ones ideally made for buildings or structures. Birds can’t tear them off with effort. 

Also, make a small hole in it that’s easily accessible for the small birds but prevents the pigeons. And, you are all set to go! 

Final Words 

Congratulations! You are at the end of our friendly guide, “How to keep pigeons away from bird feeders”. 

Some people also have other selective measures such as using decoy predators. But it is likely to scare other birds off too. In an attempt to prevent the pigeons from the bird feeders, you may end up with no feeders at all. 

Let us know in the comment section which preventive measures you took to prevent the pigeons and how effective they turned out for you. It will help other bird enthusiasts too. 

Also, share our article with others who might be facing the same problem. 

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