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Why Do People Put Owls in Their Backyards? Tips to Improve Efficiency 

Why do people put owls in their backyards? 

No, we are not talking about the real ones. FYI, nobody keeps a real owl in their backyard. In fact, possession of a wild bird is strictly prohibited under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, USA.  So what then? 

While crossing by a backyard garden, a large owl figure is not an uncommon sight. You may notice a brown and solid owl staring at you. Don’t worry! They are not real ones. 

Having a backyard garden is a common hobby for many of us. Homeowners plant strawberries, cherries, berries, and different types of fruits and invest a significant amount of time here. 

Fruits in the garden, are a food source for many wild birds such as the woodpeckers or hummingbirds. Thus, you may unintentionally invite unwanted guests who would harm your garden. 

Our guide will teach you how effective it is to put an owl figure in your backyard. Let’s cut the details and get to the point below. 

Why Do People Put Owls in Their Backyards

Do You Know? 

  • A fake owl is a decoy owl. You can also have a fake snake, and hawks too. 
  • They are useful not only for birds but also for pests. 
  • Some decoys make sound and also rotate a few different parts. 
  • To enhance the effectiveness, it is advised to use other tricks like nets, repellents, and decoys. 
  • Positioning is a crucial measure to get better results with fake decoys (details provided below).  
  • You can have high-quality realistic toys available near you. Online shopping is also a great option. 
  • Fake owls are the most effective decoys to deter small birds and pests, especially the ones that move. 
  • Not limited to birds only, some gardeners also use decoys of other predators like coyotes or moving foxes. They can also be effective too. 

Why Do People Put Owls in Their Backyards?

You may already know the answer, we use fake owls to drive away other birds and sometimes pests to protect our harvest! 

The owls you notice in someone’s backyard are plastic owls to start with. Some are also made of rubbers. Quality and price vary based on the material and level of detail your decoy owl has. 

But the question is, are the fake owls effective? A study shows that small songbirds are afraid of fake owls. 

However, we all know of scarecrows in the crop field. Eventually, the crows get used to the scarecrows also. That’s why, you need to move it periodically to convince the crows that they are alive. 

You should do the same with the decoy owls too. If you don’t place them differently, other birds will get used to it and gradually start appearing in your garden again. 

Furthermore, some decoy owls also make small sounds that will scare the birds off. It may whistle, hiss, or deliver wavering crying sounds. 

So, Why Do People Put Owls In Their Backyards? Answer Below, 

1) It’s A Natural Pest Control

It’s A Natural Pest Control

In order to control the pest population, we adapt to different methods. Not all of them are healthy for us or even for the garden soil – such as the use of chemicals or pesticides. 

One of the primary reasons to use owl decoys is because they control pests naturally. Pests like mice, voles, or rats are a general source of food for the owls. They know of owls as skilled hunters. 

When you place a decoy owl in your backyard, there’s a 100% possibility that rats and mice will keep away. You can significantly reduce the pest population without using any chemical pesticides. 

2) A Decoration to Your Garden

A Decoration to Your Garden

Some backyard gardeners also keep owls in their gardens for decoration. Owls symbolize differently in various cultures. Such as, in Ancient Greek Mythology, owls are a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. 

Since keeping a real owl is strictly against the law, some people choose to keep the fake ones made of rubber or plastic to improve the visual appearance of the garden. 

3) A Lesson for Children

A Lesson for Children

No, we don’t need owls to frighten away the children who are naughty. Having demi owls in your backyard can offer a unique opportunity and serve an educational purpose for children.  

You can use the fake owl to teach children about the diverse habitats and valuable lessons about wildlife and conservation. It can be an excellent way to connect with nature and craft a love for animals in their kids. 

4) Scare Other Birds Away

Scare Other Birds Away

Owls are exclusively carnivorous. They hunt and feed on other small to large birds such as finches to geese. Sometimes, they may attack and eat the domestic chickens.

With a real owl, you don’t want to take the trouble and risk the domestic animals right? Even if you have a cat or dog, they may not go well so much. 

Hence, a decoy can solve the problem to a large extent. You can easily scare away other small birds who significantly harm your garden, without putting your pets at risk.  

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Here are a few reasons why people put owls in their backyard. Keep in mind that, it is not enough to put a decoy owl and wait for results. 

For effective results, you will have to apply a few tricks. Described below. 

How to Use Plastic Owls Effectively? 

Keep the decoy owl in your backyard, and gradually small birds and pests will get used to it. You need to be smart and apply a few hacks. They are, 

  • Keep the owls on a high perch or hang them from somewhere on a rooftop, tree branches, or garden stake. It will mimic the owl’s genuine hunting posture. 
  • Make sure that the plastic owl is visible from a long distance to deter pests and small birds. 
  • Some plastic models have wind-activated rotating heads. It can offer a more realistic approach. 
  • However, if your plastic model doesn’t have any moving features, you should move it occasionally and put the intruders in illusion. 
  • While you move the owl, do it randomly. It will ensure an element of surprise for potential garden threats. 
  • Include features like owls with predator sounds, or owls with flashing eyes to an extra dimension of security. 
  • Monitor the results and find out which position works best to get rid of the uninvited guests. 

In Summary, 

It is said that fake owls work the best when combined with other methods like netting, safe traps, or bird spikes. Prepare your backyard like a fortress so that, crop-eating birds won’t have a chance. 

In addition to putting one on your property, you should also routinely maintain the fake decoys. Dust and dirt can often get on board the fake owl and minimize its performance. 

Consider cleaning it every once in a while and put it to its best use. Do you like our article? Let us know in the comment section how we have helped you get rid of the small birds from your backyard garden.

We will come back soon with another useful article. Also, share our article with your friends. It will help us grow too! 

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