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Why is My Female Cockatiel Suddenly Aggressive?

There’s no such thing as a mean bird. Cockatiels are usually known for being very affectionate and docile nature, which is why it becomes concerning when your once friendly bird suddenly becomes aggressive.

In most cases, usually, when the bird starts to behave aggressively, there are some specific reasons behind the behavioral changes, but the good news is you can possibly address it. If you notice your female cockatiel behaving aggressively suddenly, it’s important that you take steps as soon as possible. 

Positive reinforcement training, enrichment activities, and regular socialization can help to turn your aggressive birdie into a friendly and well-behaved bird.

Keep reading if you are interested to know more in-depth about why your female cockatiel behaves suddenly aggressively and how you could treat it !! Let’s stat

Why is My Female Cockatiel Suddenly Aggressive?

Reasons of Why is my female cockatiel suddenly became aggressive

Here you will know the possible ways in depth why your female cockatiel could suddenly be aggressive: 

It might just be the hormones.

If your female cockatiel has changed its personality, then it might just be the hormones. As hormones are one of the major reasons for the change, especially once the cockatiel reaches maturity, it will have the desire to find a mate and create a nest.

But it gets frustrating for the cockatiel as that’s not possible when it’s caged. If you notice your adult cockatiel being obsessed with any object or you, it could be possible that it views you as its potential mate. 

When it does not get its emotions reciprocated like a real mate, it becomes aggressive, and it might even show destructive behavior like biting the toys or plucking feathers.

Clipping the wings of cockatiel 

Clipping the wings of cockatiel

As a cockatiel, you might have come across several websites that tell you about wing clipping. Now whatever you know about wing clipping, understand that wing clipping could cause your cockatiel to become aggressive and mean.

Though it totally depends on every individual bird, generally, it seems that cockatiels don’t like to be restrained like this as it’s a prey birds. So, clipping its wing could make it feel trapped, and it could behave aggressively. 

Now, there’s actually no alternative to clipping wings, so if you really want to do it, try to do it in the most humane way possible and do it after you have learned the proper steps. If you can’t do it on your own, go to an expert for help. 

Your cockatiel’s sudden aggression could be because of the simple things 

Cockatiels could get aggressive for a lot of reasons. If you could identify the main cause of their aggression, you could easily manage them. Some common causes of aggression could change in their routine or their environment.

If suddenly the pet owner changes or their new pet is in the house, it could get jealous. Another reason could be a lack of proper training and socialization.

Apart from that, issues like lack of proper nutrition or long periods of isolation could also trigger the aggressive behavior of your cockatiel. 

Being grabbed or pet in the wrong way

Being grabbed or pet in the wrong way

It is a well-known fact that cockatiels adore physical affection. However, approaching or touching your cockatiel the wrong way could trigger a foul mood.

Learn the trick on how to pick your bird up. If you do it wrong, you could hurt your cockatiel’s wings or even cause a break.

Pet your cockatiel on its head or behind its crest. Avoid petting it on the body, as your bird could interpret that action as a sexual move.

It can trigger breeding and sexual hormones that can further cause aggression and destructive behavior in your bird.

Medical causes that could aggravate the aggression 

If your cockatiel’s aggression is very sudden and you cannot figure out any reasons for it, you might want to rule out any medical causes such as injuries, infections, illness or disease, and pain.

If you suspect any such thing as your bird’s aggression for a medical condition, you should schedule an appointment with an avian vet as soon as possible. 

Changes in the environment and its impact on its behavior 

Changes in the environment and its impact on its behavior

Cockatiels are docile and friendly birds that thrive in a comfortable and stimulating environment. Factors of its surroundings like the size and type of the cage, the location of the cage, even the toy’s perches, lighting, wind, and everything surrounding it could impact your bird’s behavior.

Suppose you feel like your pet cockatiel is aggressive about its surroundings. You might consider providing it with a spacious and clean cage. Moreover, keep the cage away from loud noises and direct sunlight.

Engage your budgie with different types of toys and perches. Make sure to establish a consistent daily routine of playtime and food. 

By giving your birdie an ideal environment, you can minimize the stress and frustration of cockatiel, which could lead to aggression. 

Punishing your cockatiel 

If you are a dog or cat owner, you might know the concept of punishing pets for their misbehavior. But that’s not a concept that cockatiels understand; in fact, the bird might become defensive. Think about it like this: is it appropriate to punish your birdie for actions like screaming or biting? Will it work? 

Now, if you punish it, you might even think that you are trying to provoke or attack it, which would make him furthermore aggressive and submissive than it was. So while dealing with cockatiels, at least negative reinforcement has no place. All you can do is encourage and reward it for its good behavior. 

Get to know your female cockatiels behavior 

Get to know your female cockatiels behavior

If you are a new cockatiel owner, you might get confused about your cockatiel’s behavior. Cocktails are normally very social, vocal, and intelligent birds that love the attention and interaction that you give.

Cockatiels have unique body language that allows them to express their moods, needs, and emotions. As a new bird owner, you need to understand the bird’s early signs of aggression, like puffing its feather, hissing, or biting whenever you try to approach it.

Cockatiels are aggressive for various reasons, which can include: Feeling insecure or fearful, being bored or frustrated, being in pain or any kind of discomfort, or protecting their mate or child.

If you are aware of your female cockatiel’s behavior and body language, you can respond properly and avoid situations that could trigger aggression in your birdie. 

Tips for Discipling an Aggressive Female Cockatiels 

By now, you have understood that disciplining an aggressive cockatiel is not easy; rather, it’s very challenging. So instead of using punishments, you could either ignore or avoid the bird’s behavior.

You can also try redirecting your attention with toys and treats. However, you can also try using firm and commanding voices to stop the behavior. But keep in mind the most effective approach to discipline the cockatiel is to prevent it from happening at all. 

Seek Professional Help for Aggressive Cockatiels 

If you are still unable to figure out why your cockatiel is behaving so aggressively, go to a certified avian trainer or specialist. They can evaluate your bird’s behavior and help you guide effective modification behaviors, and provide you with suggestions and support. 

Wrap Up

Cockatiels are friendly birds that like your company. They can be trained and tamed the way you want, but what you have to do is install positive behaviors in your cockatiel instead of punishing it. Moreover, give it proper nutritious food according to its age so that it remains happy.

After all these, it could still get aggressive for its potential mate. You have to endure the time as it will pass. What’s the name of your cockatiel pet? Write down in the comment section below. 

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