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10 Birds Of Konkan

The Konkan region, situated on the western coast of India, is famous for its pristine beaches, dense forests, and diverse wildlife. One of the most significant aspects of the Konkan ecosystem is its avian population.

The region boasts of a wide variety of bird species, ranging from the majestic sea eagles and vultures to the tiny flowerpeckers and sunbirds. These birds inhabit the different habitats of the region, from the rocky cliffs and sandy beaches to the lush valleys and dense forests.

The Konkan avifauna is a birdwatcher’s paradise and a natural treasure that needs to be preserved for future generations. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of birds in Konkan and learn about their characteristics, behavior, and habitat.

1. Red-Wattled Lapwing

Red-wattled lapwing

The Red-wattled Lapwing is an Asian bird belonging to the family Charadriidae. It has a distinctive loud call which led to it being nicknamed ‘did he do it’ by locals, due to its sound resembling the phrase.

These birds are usually found on open ground and cannot perch like other lapwings. They have black feathers with white wings, back and tail along with reddish wattles near their eyes that give them their name.

Red-wattled Lapwings feed mainly on insects but also eat some plant matter such as seeds or grains.

During breeding season they form strong pair bonds and make nests in shallow depressions of sand or soil lined with vegetation for incubating eggs during mating season before hatching out young chicks in around 25 days after laying eggs.

Scientific classification:

SpeciesV. indicus

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2. Asian Koel

Asian koel

The Asian koel is a member of the Cuculiformes family, found in India, China and Southeast Asia. It shares its range with two closely related species – black-billed koels and Pacific koels.

This bird exhibits brood parasitism; it lays its eggs in nests of other birds, who then unknowingly become foster parents to their young.

Characterised by long tails and glossy feathers that vary from deep blue to greenish-black depending on region, these birds are known for their loud call which can be heard during both day or night time.

They feed mainly on fruits but also take insects when available.

All in all, the Asian Koel is an interesting species that has adapted itself well over many centuries within different ecosystems across Asia.

Scientific classification:

SpeciesE. scolopaceus

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3. White-Throated Kingfisher

White-throated kingfisher

The White-throated Kingfisher is a beautiful bird with bright colors and distinct features. Its back, wings and tail are a deep blue while the head, breast, throat and belly are white.

It has two black stripes across its eyes which contrast nicely against its orange beak and feet.

These birds can often be found perching on tree branches or hovering over creeks in search of food like fish or small insects such as grasshoppers or crickets.

They use their sharp bill to pluck prey from water surfaces then swallow them whole after making adjustments for size by beating it against rocks if necessary.

The White-throated Kingfisher breeds during monsoon season when rainfall increases levels in rivers leading to an abundance of aquatic life that these birds love so much.

Scientific classification:

SpeciesH. smyrnensis

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4. Jungle Babbler

Jungle babbler

The Jungle Babbler is a member of the Leiothrichidae family, native to India.

It’s known for its gregarious nature and often forms small groups up to 10 birds while they search for food – this habit has earned them the nickname ‘Seven Sisters’ in Northern India, or Saath Bhai (seven brothers) in Bengali.

This colourful bird typically grows around 20 cm long with olive-brown plumage and a black eyestripe running through each eye; it also sports yellowish legs which contrast nicely against their feathers.

The jungle babbler is an omnivore that consumes insects as well as fruits, flowers and nectar from plants.

They are predominantly found near dense forests but may move into shrublands when seasonal changes occur or if there’s a lack of resources available within the forest environment.

With its cheerful call being heard throughout much of Southern Asia, these social birds make great additions to any garden setting.

Scientific classification:

SpeciesA. striata

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5. Oriental Magpie-Robin

Oriental magpie-robin

The Oriental magpie-robin is a beautiful passerine bird found across the Indian subcontinent and parts of Southeast Asia.

It can be easily identified by its black and white plumage, long tail that it holds upright while perched or foraging on the ground.

They are known to sing melodiously which makes them popular as cage birds in many countries.

These birds feed mainly on insects but also consume fruits, berries and nectar from flowers during certain times of the year.

Their population numbers have been declining due to destruction of their natural habitats like deforestation.

However, conservation efforts have seen some success in recent years with more areas being set aside for protection and preservation.

Scientific classification:

SpeciesC. saularis

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6. Asian Green Bee-Eater

Asian green bee-eater

The Asian green bee-eater is a near passerine bird in the bee-eater family. It’s native to parts of Asia, stretching from Iran all the way over to Vietnam.

These birds are resident but tend to migrate seasonally and can also be found in Africa and Arabia.

They have bright green feathers on their upperparts with yellowish underparts, making them easy to spot when they’re flying around looking for insects like bees, wasps and dragonflies.

They usually nest burrows dug into sandy ground or riverbanks where they lay up to five eggs at once.

The Asian green bee-eater is an exciting species that has been popular among ornithologists since its discovery hundreds of years ago.

Scientific classification:

SpeciesM. orientalis

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7. Vernal Hanging Parrot

Vernal hanging parrot

The Vernal hanging parrot is a small, colourful bird native to the Indian subcontinent and parts of Southeast Asia. It has bright green feathers with black edging above its wings and tail, while its chest and belly are yellow-green in colour.

They feed mainly on fruit, seeds, buds and blossoms which they find by frequenting banyan trees for their fruits as well as plantain trees for nectar from flowers.

Although it typically stays within one area throughout the year there have been occasions where this species will move around due to changes in food availability or seasonality.

As such these birds can be found across various habitats including forests, woodlands and urban areas too.

Scientific classification:

SpeciesL. vernalis

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8. Brown-Headed Barbet

Brown-headed barbet

The Brown-headed barbet is an Asian bird that lives in the moist broadleaf forests of the Indian subcontinent. Johann Friedrich Gmelin described it in 1788 as part of the puffbird family.

The Brown-headed barbet has a distinct brown head and a green body. They are known for their distinctive calls, which can be heard echoing through the forests.

These birds feed on insects and fruits, using their strong beaks to break open nuts and seeds.

They are cavity nesters, making their homes in holes in trees. The Brown-headed barbet is considered a species of least concern, although its habitats are threatened by deforestation and human activities.

Their colorful appearance and unique calls make them a delight for birdwatchers to spot in the wild.

Scientific classification:

SpeciesP. zeylanicus

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9. Paddyfield Pipit

Paddyfield pipit

The Paddyfield pipit, also known as Oriental pipit, is a small bird found in southern Asia. This non-migratory bird usually breeds in open scrub, grassland, and cultivated areas.

It is one of the few pipits that breeds in the Asian region. However, during winters, identifying this bird can be challenging as several other species migrate into the area.

With its distinctive color and behavior, it is easy to spot the Paddyfield pipit as it forages on the ground for insects and seeds.

This bird has a melodious voice that is a delight to hear. The Paddyfield pipit’s conservation status is of least concern as it has a widespread distribution and large population. It is a common bird, and many bird enthusiasts love watching it.

Scientific classification:

SpeciesA. rufulus

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10. Baya Weaver

Baya weaver

The Baya weaver bird is a common sight in the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. They can be found in grasslands, cultivated areas, scrub and secondary growth.

These birds are known for their unique nests which hang in a retort shape and are woven from leaves.

The colonies of these nests are typically found on thorny trees or palm fronds, often near water.

The Baya weaver is a social bird, often living and nesting in large groups. They are very skillful weavers, and their nests can be intricate and beautiful.

The Baya weaver is an important part of the ecosystem as it plays a role in pollination and insect control.

Scientific classification:

SpeciesP. philippinus

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