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7 Birds That Are Used In Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to bring harmony and balance to one’s surroundings. It encompasses various principles, such as the placement of furniture, colors, and lighting, and the use of natural elements like plants, water, and animals.

One of the animals commonly used in feng shui is the bird. Birds are believed to bring good luck, joy, and prosperity. They are also associated with freedom and higher spiritual planes.

In this article, we will explore the significance of birds in feng shui and how they can be incorporated into your home or office to enhance your energy and promote positive vibes.

1. Cranes


Cranes are majestic birds that can be found on most continents except Antarctica and South America. They are in the Gruiformes group of birds and belong to the family Gruidae.

Cranes have long legs, and long necks, and stand out from other birds due to their impressive size.

When they fly, they do so with their necks outstretched rather than pulled back like many other similar-looking species like herons.

There are fifteen species of cranes that are divided into three genera: Antigone, Balearica, and Grus.

They are a sight to behold and are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to observe them in their natural habitat.Scientific classification:

FamilyGruidaeVigors, 1825

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2. Mandarin Duck

Mandarin duck

The Mandarin Duck is a stunningly beautiful bird native to the East Palearctic region. It has striking plumage, with the males featuring brightly-colored feathers of purple, blue, and green on their head, back, and wings as well as an orange bill.

The females are duller in color but still have attractive markings. They measure between 16 and 19 inches long with a wing span of 26 to 30 inches wide.

These ducks prefer freshwater habitats like lakes or rivers but will also forage for food in nearby grasslands or wooded areas if needed.

During the breeding season, they form pairs that nest either high up in trees near water sources or more commonly next to reeds close by ponds where they lay around 10 eggs at once.

After hatching their young remain together until autumn when they begin migrating southwards towards wintering grounds further away from their northern homes.

However, some individuals can stay put depending on local climate conditions and availability of resources such as food supply during colder months of the year before returning north.

They again come springtime when temperatures rise again allowing them easier access to aquatic vegetation that sustains them throughout the summer months ahead then repeat this cycle each year thereafter.Scientific classification:

SpeciesA. galericulata

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3. Swallows


Swallows are small songbirds found around the world on all continents, even Antarctica. They have a distinctive appearance and are highly adapted to aerial feeding with their long wings and forked tail.

There is an estimated 90 species of swallows in 19 different genera, making them one of the most widespread bird families on earth.

The barn swallow is perhaps the most well-known species among these birds due to its presence near human settlements across Europe; they’re so ubiquitous that “swallow” has become synonymous with this particular type of bird there.

Swallows also play important roles in ecology as insectivores; some species migrating vast distances every year between summer breeding grounds and wintering locations.Scientific classification:

FamilyHirundinidae Rafinesque, 1815

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4. Swans


Swans are graceful and elegant birds belonging to the family Anatidae. They have a long neck, black beak and large wings that give them their majestic look.

Their closest relatives include geese and ducks who belong to the same subfamily Anserinae as swans do.

There are six living species of swan found in different parts of the world – Mute Swan, Black-necked Swan, Tundra Swan, Whooper Swan, Trumpeter Swan and Coscoroba Swam.

These beautiful creatures usually live on lakes or rivers but can also inhabit wetlands such as marshes or estuaries for nesting purposes.

Despite being very social animals with strong pair bonds they remain solitary during migration periods when they travel long distances looking for better feeding grounds.Scientific classification:

GenusCygnus Garsault, 1764

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5. Columbidae


Columbidae is a bird family that includes both doves and pigeons. These birds are characterized by their stout bodies, short necks, and small slender bills with fleshy ceres in some species.

They feed mainly on seeds, fruits, and plants found all around the world but have the greatest variety in Indomalayan and Australasian regions.

Columbidae have an unmistakable soft cooing sound which makes them one of the most beloved avian families worldwide – especially among city dwellers.

Whether it be feeding time or just hearing their soothing call throughout nature walks; these birds will remain a favourite for many more years to come.Scientific classification:

OrderColumbiformes Latham, 1790
FamilyColumbidae Leach, 1820

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6. Eurasian Magpie

Eurasian magpie

The Eurasian magpie, also known as the common magpie, is a bird found in the northern part of the Eurasian continent. It belongs to the corvids family and is part of the “monochrome” magpies.

The bird is a resident breeder that is always available in Europe. The only other magpie found in Europe is the Iberian magpie.

The magpie is often used as a synonym for the Eurasian magpie by English speakers.

The bird has a distinct black and white appearance and is known for its intelligent behavior. It can imitate sounds heard in its environment and also demonstrates self-awareness.

The Eurasian magpie is omnivorous and feeds on insects, small mammals, and fruits.

It forms monogamous pairs that last for a lifetime and builds nests in trees or bushes. The bird is not endangered and is often regarded as a nuisance due to its habit of raiding gardens for food.Scientific classification:

SpeciesP. pica

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7. Chicken


The chicken, a commonly domesticated species, originates from Southeast Asia and exhibits traits of wild grey and Ceylon junglefowl. Adult male birds are referred to as roosters or cocks, while a younger male is called a cockerel.

A castrated male is called a capon. Adult female chickens are known as hens, and sexually immature females are known as pullets.

Chickens are known for their ability to lay eggs and are often raised for meat consumption. They come in a variety of breeds and can have different colors and patterns on their feathers.

Chickens are also popular as pets and often require a coop or enclosure for proper care.Scientific classification:

SpeciesG. gallus
SubspeciesG. g. domesticus

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